Cart pulling handsome man.   Largo
Two of our early cart/ wagon...  Tucker pulling..

Mastiffs not only can pull carts but love to be part of the fun and activity.  Pictured is Largo, with Mom Carol Giotto.
Largo is demonstrating with Carol at the annual Club camping trip where up to 40 Mastiffs gather for fun, games and hiking.
If you would like more informaiton on Carting with your Mastiff please feel free to contact  me and I will guide you to the correct people. 

You are also welcome to join Mastiff Club of Upstate NY (McCuny) an AKC sanctioned club for Mastiffs.

Mastiffs are so versitle, they can do agility, carting, search and rescue, tracking, obedience, but what they do best is to make you know that you are the most wonderful human in the world... priceless...  :-)