• All Beowulf Mastiffs are home raised,  chipped, Pra Dna certified via lineage, & cuddled from birth.  To reeerve a puppy please fill out the form on my homepage , left side column, "How to Reserve a Puppy".  
    It requires a $500.00 non refundable deposit to hold a puppy.  The deposit can be transferred to a future litter is you ask prior to the puppies birth.
    Puppies are $3000.00 to $3500.00, please inquire.

    I know that many people think that if the puppies are out of a top show kennel that they will be required to show or breed. Not true. We want our puppies in the right homes for them and I am a huge advocate of spay and neuter. So if you are looking for a wonderful companion, please e-mail or call me. If you do want a show puppy, we can certainly accommodate you also. As always, feel free to ask questions.

    We match the right puppy with the right home based on what you share with us for families all over the world.

    This page is a listing of dogs that are currently available.

    Please call or e-mail if you would like to ask about or purchase a Beowulf Mastiff Global puppy or adult for sale.

    Most puppies leave between 8 - 9 weeks old.

    Beowulf Mastiffs Global is commited to the health and welfare of our Mastiffs. In our endevor to this end, we typically only allow our girls to have one to two litters and they are retired permanently.  . This allows them to be spayed at a  young age and have the rest of their life to relax and thrive. For one of ours to be chosen to procreate they have to be sound of mind and body and a tribute to the breed.   There are many wonderful dogs we choose not to breed.  Our obligation is to protect the Mastiff by only making the choice to breed dogs that have something to offer the next generation. 

    If you are interested an older mastiff (10 mos. to 4 yrs.) please contact us.

    BMG is also committed to rescue, so please contact us if you have or know of a Mastiff that needs to be rehomed.  We are members of FORM, Friends of Rescued Mastiffs, an extraordinary group dedicated to these dogs.

    BMG is committed to all areas of the dog world.Many of our retired Champions go on to get their TDI or service dog accreditation. More each day are becoming Service Dogs and also doing therapy work.   Our Mastiffs tend to have very solid loving temperments well suited to these endevors.

    BMG also requires that all of our guys come back to us if the adopting families do not want them or cannot keep them, this is  regardless of age or location.  .

    (We recommend that all pet families have pet insurance for their pets. The cost of veterinary medicine is climing and this protects them and you alike.  I have listed two that have good reputations, please decide what is best for you.

                                     Trupanion.com/Pet-Insurance  (rec. by a friend and top vet)
                                               AKC Pet Insurance
                              1-866-725-2747    www.akcpetinsurance.com

                                                Pet Plan Insurance  
                              1-800-220-7171    www.gopetplan.com 

    We strongly suggest
     that you feed all your pets young and old what we know to be to be the best food on the market.   It is manufactured at an  Aphis/EU certified  facility and comes  fresh to your door.  This food has my complete confidence and  seal of approval.  Refer to one of my emails to click and get to the site for the food.

    Beowulf Mastiffs/Beowulf Mastiff/Beowulf MastiffsGlobal is trademarked and holds copywrite on the name/content/pictures on this site.   Use is strickly by written permission.

    Please note, our payment options have changed.  Personal checks are great for the deposits or final full payments as long as we have them a month prior to puppies leaving.   Or Final payments are made by bank cashiers checks 2 weeks prior to the puppies leaving,  or cash when you pick them up.

    Although we do not do payments once you have the pupppy, many families send in , via personal checks, the amounts they are comfortable with from the time they decide to purchase a puppy and then bring the final amount due upon pick up.   We are happy to work with you in that way.

    We do NOT accept Paypal or Money Orders.    We do not accept personal checks within a 14  business day window of the puppy coming to you.

    Please feel free to ask questions always.



    Birthplace of
    BISS, GCH Bronze Am Intl Ch Beowulfs The Heart of Narnia, CGC, TDI, CGCA   "Aslan"  Winner of BOB MCOA national 2017
    GCh Ch Beowulfs Sunrise Surprise "Rose" Winner of BOS at Westminster, 2015, 3
    consecutive Gr 1s and RBIS .   owner Kelly Fong of Island Pride Mastiffs
    Multiple BISS Multiple BOSS Bronze Gr Ch Beowulfs Walkin On Sunshine "Malibu" Canadian Specialty 2014, MCOA National Specialty 3 years running,  013, 2014, 2015  RBIS making Mastiff female history  owned by Alki Mastiffs, Tim, Kelly & Austyn Collins
    EUK BOB winner  Am Can Intl CH Beowulfs Kodiaks Balou Moon, CGC  "Balou Moon" owner Beth Banerjee
    Birthplace of Westminster BOB winner 2012   Am Can Intl GCH Beowulfs Bit O'Blarney, CGC "Seamus" 
    Birthplace of MCOA Specialty winner, Westminster BOS winner, Am GCH Beowulfs Get A Load Of Me-Mt  W "Wilbur" owner Margaret Warfield
    Birthplace of BIS BISS Am Can Intl Ch Beowulfs Rockin The Boat, Gr Seiger, CGC "Anchor" owner  Susann Everett
    Birthplace of # 1 Mastiff in Argentina for 6 years Multiple countries CH Beowulfs Road Warrior "Diesel"  owner Jorge Iros
    Birthplace of #1 Mastiff in Argentina currently Multiple countries CH Beowulfs Syracuse "Syracuse" owner Jorge Iros
    Over the years there are too many to mention here, these are the most recent and only their larger wins.

    Our Home/Kennel and Beowulf Nursery
     Arkansas  We are lucky to have a private space.  10 fenced acres, the dogs love it here.

                    These pictures are for  those of you who are not able to visit and wonder where your babies are raised.   They were taken at our NY home.  But our process is the same at our new home in Arkansas
        Baby bed 0 to 3 weeks.. we also have one that is the same but larger that we use often in the transition. Temp controlled               This is the play area for babies 3 weeks till them come to you..    Pictures for our Beowulf Family who live in other countries or are too far to visit.

    Taking reservations for  Mastiff puppies ready to go Valentines Day (fawn Females) and all colors  due in Feb 2018 and ready to go in April.  Fawns, Brindles and Apricots


BeowulfFrenchBulldogs@gmail.com   BeowulfFrenchies@gmail.com
  To reserve a puppy, please look at the form "How to Reserve a Puppy" on the left side of my homepage.
   Please feel free to ask quesions, I am happy to help.  

Older Mastiffs... We have 3 - 4 year old females  available for adoption. All well mannered and very sweet.  Please contact us for more information.

Fiji is spayed and available currently.  Will be 4 in mid March.  Sweet and a very good house girl.     $900.00
Tess & Juliet    4 1/2   excellent health, spayed and wonderful house girls.     Juliet  
THe girls have been well cared for their whole life and are amazing family members.   Available individually  for $500.00.     


Puppies due 2/5/17    Royce X Stella    Royce is a deep apricot and Stella (Gryphon's sister) is a deep apricot brindle.  We expect all colors.

"Royce"   young pics of Dad, more to come soon 
Royce is  "Argo"X Splash"   both top Mastiffs.

"Stella" is Mom  ( A Gryphon Sister)

Pics coming......
"Gyrphon" Stella's brother

Pictures and information on other litter due in Feb 2018 to be posted soon.     


 Please email for more information or to reseve a puppy.  You can find "How to Reserve a Puppy" on the home page, click the link . You do not have a reservation if there has not been a deposit taken.  Please ask if you have any questions.


Beowulf Mastiffs Global
17 Ozark
Damascus, AR   72039



Pet insurance is a good idea in today's veterinary market.  Please refer to the bottom of my home page to see 3 that have been recommended by puppy families and friends.
To reserve a puppy,  I need a short list of the personality traits you are hoping for, the activities you want your puppy/dog to enjoy with you, a bit about the dynamics of your familly, all your contact info,  first and second color preference and gender preference and a $500 deposit check that is applied towards your purchase price.
Deposits are not litter specific.  Deposits are non-refundable Deposits can be in the form of Personal Check, Cashiers Check,Wire, or Cash.  NO Money Orders or paypal please  
The balance for the puppy/dog must be in the form of   Wire, Cash or Cashiers 
which is due when you pick up the puppy/dog or prior to the puppy/dog being shipped.( If anyone wishes to pay "ahead" or pay for the puppy in the months prior to the puppy being born /ready to go, you may.  (if prior to birth you cannot get the puppy and you have paid in advance, the refund will be at the time that litter is sold, less fees and deposit))

Babies are $3000.00. Breeders Choice pups or select litters  may be higher in cost.   Older puppies/dogs price may vary.  
We retire most females at 3 1/2 and are looking for wonderful homes for them at reasonable prices. 

All Beowulf Mastiffs are sold on contract (Spay/Neuter or Show). 

Beowulf Mastiffs Global  has the right to refuse a sale to anyone at anytime, even in the event of a deposit taken prior.
If a deposit has been taken and Beowulf Mastiffs Global refuses the sale, the amount of the deposit will be refunded. 

International prices vary, please call for details.
  *Beowulf Mastiffs/Beowulf Mastiff is trademarked and copywrite*