Chances are, if you are giving yearly vaccines, heartworm medication, antibiotics or flea treatments, your dog is quite toxic. This means that he cannot remain in a true state of health. His immune system is compromised and he is more susceptible to disease, neurological problems, skin problems, parasites and fleas.

Before we get into how to clear the toxins and rebuild a healthy immune system lets understand some of the factors harming the immune system.

I would say "both", depending on how the vaccines are used.  Vaccines, as we know, are meant to introduce the disease to the body and the body is supposed to fight it off, building an immunity to that disease. Immunity to disease is obviously good, but there are some serious pitfalls to that way of thinking. . When you give a vaccine, toxins and preservatives are also introduced to the body. Now the world isn't perfect and dogs do drink out of toilets, so a few toxins and preservatives don't outweigh the good of vaccines. However, I want you to consider what 4-way, 5-way, up to an 8-way (Combination ) vaccines are really doing to the body. You are introducing 4, 5, 8 etc. diseases to the body at one time 
 The body can fight one disease (toxins added) and win the war for greater good. But to bombard the body with them (i.e., Combination Vaccines) and your dog begins to lose ground with health. Now, remember that we are doing this to a immature, growing, developing body and we have compounded the problem/assault. If we do it year after year, we begin to see a myriad of problems which can increase with each generation. Am I suggesting that vaccines are the culprit for all or most of our health problems? No, but I am suggesting that instead of having the vaccines work for us, we have allowed them to work against us through over-use.

I personally give  Parvo/Distmerper vaccine to pups at 8 weeks old, 12 weeks and 16 weeks  old.  If you wish to use homeopathic nosodes for prevention, you would get them from a Holistic Veterinarian.  This means they are a DVM, but have furthered their studies to include alternative modalities.

  • If you choose to give vaccines, never give more than 2 together.
  • Never give anything with a rabies vaccine.
  • If your dog is not in top health (you know him better than anyone) Do not give any vaccine.
  • Give at least 4 weeks between vaccines
  • I would not give vaccines after the age of 1 year other than rabies
  • If concerned, have a titer for the disease done by your veterinarian rather than give an unnecessary vaccine. A titer is a test taken to see if your dog has an immunity to the tested disease.

Remember that children do not get vaccines every year, therefore, we should question why we would give annual vaccines to our dogs.

. The period of 0 to 10 days after giving a vaccine is when your pup is at his greatest risk.  Typically Mom's antibodies have handed over the baton to the young puppies themselves whose immune system should be strong enough at 16 weeks old to take over. Instead, what happens only too often is that another vaccine is given, inhibiting the immune system at a very critical time in a young puppy's life. Having said this, if you use a conservative approach (Parvo/Distemper only) the puppy is less at risk.



There are NO Heartworm preventatives!  The medication are there so that if your pet is bitten by a mosquito that has bitten a pet with Heartworm and it has gestated and then bites your pet and your pets actually contracts it......The Heartworm med is there to kill it off.  

I want you to consider this.  If you have a young child and you are giving your child a strong poison on a regular basis for something they do not have, that is treatable, they will arrest you for child endangerment and likley take your child.  

If your dogs immune system is strong, as with most health issues, they will never likely contract heartworm. Heartworm does not go from 0 to 100 in a matter of days, it is slow moving. So even if your pet did contract it, they have time to sort things out.  If you pull blood once every 6 months to a year you are fine. If your pet did, even though unlikely, contract heartworm, simply treat it.    
We lived in what was considered a "high" risk heartworm area for 25 years , we also did dog shows and boarded dogs. We never saw a case.

The numbers that are published for heartworm cases, trying to have it look like a pandemic, are generated by the manufacture's of the Heartworm "preventatives".   It has recently come to light that, in fact, the number of cases is showing to be VERY low and heartworm in well cared for pets is highly treatable.

We obviously love out dogs and we want to shied them from harm, but the perps in this case very well may be the pharmacuticals.   Cancer and other organ related diseases and disorders in the dogs of the USA have been raising at a staggering pace.  We have the money and  resources to litterally love out pets to death.

My "pros and cons" way of thought, is especially valid with antibiotics. Any healer that pushes one practice, (i.e. allopathic vs. holistic) to the exclusion of all others is self-limiting and is not doing the best they can for those who come for their help. I feel, along with much of the world, that we have become a drug based society and the art of healing has been squashed by the penchant for prescribing. We have an heard about the serious consequences of over use of drugs, especially antibiotics.

Ask yourself if what you are dealing with is life threatening. If the answer is "yes" then you may wish to palliate or suppress the symptoms. It buys you more time to work on a cure. Often this is where antibiotics are a blessing and a gift. Remember, that antibiotics retard healing and impugn the immune system and do not effective for  viral issues. Antibiotics are not the answer in all cases, in fact, they are the answer in a rather limited number of cases. But, when they are indicated, they can be life saving.

If the answer is "No", it is not life threatening then please learn to school yourself to give the body a chance to do its job. Do not treat what you do not see. Find ways of assisting the body in its journey to a cure. This is where a holistic practitioner or holistic veterinarian will be invaluable to you.


I have to make mention of the whole flea situation because the way we deal with these pests is almost comical. These "masters of the itch" have most of us in a state of anxiety a good deal of the time. So once again, we poison our dogs because we love them so much.

If I lined up 10 dogs and let out a bucket of fleas, then examined the dogs, the fleas would not have gone to the dogs equally. Without further examination I can tell you that the dogs with the most fleas have a slightly elevated temperature and that something is going on in their bodies,( i.e.., their immune system is down). There are a few other factors that can make a dog very attractive to fleas - foremost being diet. 

So, we have this dog that has the dreaded "fleas" and our response to the signals of an impaired (from slightly to extensively) immune system is to poison his and our environment with chemicals. First we begin by applying chemicals inside and outside our homes, then we bath them with more chemicals, then the greatest insult, administering yet another chemical to the body directly.

Lets think about what we are doing when we give our dogs something that brings their body to such a state of toxicity that when a flea bites them, the flea dies.Our response would be much more appropriate if we evaluated his diet, increased certain vitamins and cleared the toxins.

What can you do:  . First and foremost, bath your dog in Dawn dishwashing detergent, suds for 10 minutes, flea comb them. Any critters get put in a bowl of sudsy water and rinse. Follow with a Apple Cider Vinegar and water rinse.  If his skin has damage or soars from itching, the vinegar will help correct the natural PH on his skin and help him heal.   Do this every 2 to 3 days.  If they are in the house, you can use Diatemacious earth (more about it below) and in your yard in the spring and fall (after initial treatment) use Seven Dust from your local agricultural store.

Maintenance:  every 2 days spray your pet with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar all over and flea comb.  This way you will not furter have issues and the vinegar is good for his skin and coat and a flea and tick deterent.

Then evaluate what is going on with your dog. Build their immune system and correct what the problems. .
Add tea tree oil, (from health food store) approx. 10 drops, with your regular dog shampoo and wash your pet. This is for his normal shampoo;s....

Give him a dose of homeopathic sulphur 30c twice daily for a week, then once a day for another week. A dose is 3 to 6 pellets by mouth, given 1/2 hour away from food. (Do not put any pellet that has touched your hand back into the bottle as it will contaminate the bottle. Store homeopathics away from electromagnetic fields such as those given off from TVs, refrigerators, microwaves and sunlight). As for the environment itself there are many viable avenues. I have used Diatomaceous Earth with success. Use only the food grade, as the pool grade has been treated with a chemical and can be hard on your lungs if inhaled. This is actually a small sea urchin that has sharp points. When a flea crawls over one it cuts the fleas shell and they dehydrate. So sprinkle (it is a white powder) the diatomaceous earth, over all floors, bedding, and furniture that you wish to rid of fleas. It takes a couple of days and sometimes more than one treatment, but it does work.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of heath, so please reference the Nutrition section of this site..



Once you are feeding your dogs and cats Life's Abundance you can stop worrying about nutrition and move to the next step.

The next step is to clear the toxins, which is actually the easy part. Armed with knowledge and desire we can all help our dogs live longer and have fuller lives.


You can get the following from a health food store or a homeopathic vet. [It does not matter if they chew the pellets, swallow them or just let them dissolve in their mouth.]

Homeopathic Sulphur 200c
  • Give I dose (3 to 6 pellets) by mouth, one time, it helps to clear toxins & excellent for the skin
    wait 2 weeks and give
Homeopathic Thuja 200c
  • One dose by mouth one time-clears toxins, especially vaccine toxins.
Now we are going to do a few extra things to build up the immune system.

Echnecia Tincture (liquid)
  • 5-6 drops in water bowl daily for about a month
  • Natural antibiotic and builds immune system
Vitamin C in the form of Sodium or Calcium Ascorbate or Ester C. (Only need in times of illness or injury)
  •  Vitamin C is a must during times of stress, illness or recovery.
  • Give it in the food or water.
  • Vitamin C only stays in the body for about 4 hours so it is a good idea to give smaller doses several times daily. I give 2000mg in the AM and 2000mg (1/ 2tsp) in the PM.
  • Do not give ascorbic acid (the Vit C we take). Dogs do not metabolize it as well and it can be tough on their stomach.
Vitamin E is an enabler for everything else to work better with the body.
  • I always use it with injuries, but it is invaluable in building an immune system.
  • Only use natural Vit E and don't believe what is written on the bottle, check for yourself. If it says d-alpha, it is natural. If it says dl-alpha, it is synthetic.
  • Give 4OOlU to 8OOlU daily depending on the situation.
  • The 4OOlU dosage is a good maintenance dosage for a medium to large dog.
  • 1OOlU to 2OOlU for small dogs. In times of injury or illness I give the 8001U, again less for small dogs.
In mastiff pups we give Selenium (250 mcg/½ tab) for help with bone growth.

We give Cranberry Tablets to females from 2 mos. - 4 mos. 1 tablet 3x/day to avoid a VTI infection, which is common at this age.

You are now well on your way to taking your dog to a greater state of health. If you have specific problems, there is a list of homeopathic veterinarians at the end of this article that you may call. If you know of a good homeopath that I have not listed, please send me their name and address and I will include them in future publications.

The material presented here is not meant to convince you to turn your back on allopathic medicine. It is meant to give you enough information to question what you have done in the past. Look at your dog and determine if he is truly healthy. We have gotten so used to accepting degrees of health, that we no longer expect true health in ourselves or our canine companions. So look hard, evaluate and be open to another way.

Susann Everett is President Beowulf Natural Feeds Inc.; formulator and manufacturer of BACK TO BASICS, a SUPER PREMIUM FOOD FOR DOGS; and owner/breeder of Beowulf Mastiffs. Ms. Everett lectures throughout US and Canada on canine nutrition and holistic medicine. She is a professional handler and a canine behavioral consultant.

This material is copyrighted, 1997.
May not be used in, whole or part, anyway or shape with out written permission from the author.


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