I would love to speak with you and answer all your questions.  Making sure this is the right breed for you and fits with your hopes for yourself and your family.  Once you are comfortable that you just have to have a Mastiff baby, this is the next step........

In order to reserve a baby, I ask for  a few things:


*Have you had Mastiffs before?

* Do you currently have a Mastiff ?  If so gender and age


* Do you currently have other pets?  If so breed, species , gender and age


* Do you have children?   How old are they?


 * Are you hoping for a male or female puppy?

 * What is your first and second color choices?

 * Were you looking for a companion puppy or were you interested in showing?

 * What personality are you hoping for?

* What are the activities you want your puppy/dog to enjoy with you and the family?

* Are there special needs or activities you would like to share?     (this can include therapy work)


* Please send all your contact information..  Name, Address, Phone, Email etc.


 * Please add anything else you can think of that will help me find your perfect baby.

All of the above and a 500.00 deposit sent to:
without the deposit you do NOT have a reservation) with the deposit you are set and I will contact you with updates and pictures of the babies as they grow.

Beowulf Mastiffs Global
17 Ozark
Damascus, AR  72039

This will lock in your reservation.  Then we wait for little ones to be born and once I know we have a baby for you, I will let you know.

 At first  you will get group pics  and once we have a better idea what personalities they have and who is closest to what you describe, then I will send individual pics of him. Usually around 5 to 6 weeks.

 Before the babies go home they will have had their first vaccine, been wormed 3 times and be chipped.     

You get tons of info with them and also about 2 weeks before you bringing your baby home.

And the Journey Begins.............

(Mastiff puppies are between $3000.00 and $3500.00)